The Manson Family: The Murders

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Manson Family: The Murders Charles Milles Manson was a demented cultist with a troubled past. His childhood was severely screwed up from even before he was born. This led to Manson having criminal offences which led to his multiple imprisonments. He served two prison sentences before gaining his following. He formed a cult that was later known as “The Manson Family” during the “Summer of Love” in 1967. Manson’s cult family was responsible for multiple murders and a failed attempt to assassinate President Ford. They were all very loyal to Manson save a couple of women who cut off all ties after serving prison sentences. What were the Manson murders? Manson met the Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson in San Francisco at a friend’s…show more content…
Krenwinkel was one of the early Family members, and,one of the hitchhikers who had possibly been picked up by Dennis Wilson. The current residents of the house on Cielo Dr., all of whom were strangers to the Manson followers, were Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski , at eight and a half months pregnant; her friend and former lover Jay Sebring; Polanski's friend Wojciech Frykowski; and Frykowski's lover Abigail Folger. Tate's husband, Polanski, was in London working on a film , Tate had been visiting with him three weeks earlier. When the murder team arrived, Watson, who had been to the house on more than one other occasion, cut the phone line to the house. Backing their car down to the bottom of the hill, the group parked there and walked back up to the house. They climbed a hedge off to the side of the house and dropped onto the grounds. When headlights were spotted, Watson ordered the women to lie in the bushes. He then ordered the approaching driver, Steven Parent to halt. As Watson aimed a gun at Parent, the boy begged Watson not to shoot, claiming that he wouldn't say anything. Watson first slashed Parent’s hand with a knife, and then shot him four times in the chest and stomach. Watson then ordered the…show more content…
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