The Management Feedback and Satisfaction Toward University Selangor (Unisel) Students’ Essay

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1.1 Introduction Industrial Training refers to work experience that is relevant to study area taken by students and it is compulsory for some programs offered at many universities in Malaysia. Besides that, Industrial Training will be graded to students who have managed to complete at least 12 weeks of practical sessions. According to the Dearing Report (NCIHE, 1997) the primary purpose of higher education is to prepare students for the world of work. Graduates need to be given opportunities to develop generic attributes besides disciplinary knowledge. Those generic attributes include communication skills, problem-solving skills, computer literacy, information literacy, ability and willingness to learn, and teamwork. The need to have skilled worker and not just knowledge is a factor that is highly demanded for any job requirement. Besides that, as reported by the Australian Industry Group report (2006), there are demands for higher levels of skills, frequent updating of skills and excellent ‘soft skills’ as well as technical skills. The survey showed that over 90 per cent of the employers look for people who are flexible and adaptive, willing to learn on the job, team players, technically competent and committed to excellence (Thompson et al, 2008). A skilled and adaptable workforce would enable employers to respond to the industry changes. Students from universities who have gone through Industrial Training will be evaluated by the company based on their performance. This is a great opportunity for students to get an experience to practice all the theories taught during the lectures. In addition, this is the time for student to gain their interpersonal skills and develop their awareness of general work place behaviors, which is important objective of their Industrial Training. The study had four

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