The Man with Enormous Wings

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“A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” The story is overwhelmed with themes, different motifs, and many symbols. In the motif, Pelayo and Elisenda’s new found interest in the magic and wonder the old man with wings brings to their life. Their new-born baby is terribly ill, and there is this mysterious elderly male angel in their possession. As a couple withheld in poverty, is there a god? Why would there be angels? Curious people come snooping and pay the couple to see this creature. The village people that decide to give money to see the winged man are kind to help the couple. This story comments upon humanity, where curiosities drive people to mess with things they aren’t sure about. What makes this man not human besides his wings? The village people pay to see this man in person, like a circus. The new and the strange motivate people to check things out. Eventually, the couple get enough money to buy a house and are completely oblivious of how much they have been helped. The wings on the man symbolize power, and speed of motion. In the Christian religion, winged people are known as angels. Beautiful majestic creatures full of life and wonder. Although, the man’s wings were old, dirty, weak, and bare. He still attracted people and helped the family out of poverty. As well as curing the new-born child and gave this family a house. god sent a dirty and old angel to save this poor family out of harsh ways in the street. This is an act of god, showing a set of 3 poor individuals that angels are
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