The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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The Man Who Was Almost a Man: The Gun “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” a short story by Richard Wright, depicts a character who journeys toward maturity. His desire to be treated like an adult causes a twist considering . Richard Wright depicts his character as a curious teenager trying to discover his identity through fulfilling his desire to own a gun. Wright portrayed the maturity of the young man through the ownership of a gun. What Dave does when he becomes the owner of the gun builds the path to either maturity or annihilation. The story starts off with the protagonist going into the local convenience store with his purchase of interest in mind. After the storekeeper makes Dave an offer for a gun, the young protagonist’s journey through his search for his own maturity begins. Dave, a self-conscious seventeen year old field worker, grows a passion to own a gun. Richard Wright describes this character’s desire in a way that amplifies the aspect of self- consciousness. The other field workers look down on Dave because of his age. The store keeper in the beginning of the story who introduces the weapon of interest to the protagonist also looks down upon the boy. “You ain’t nothing but a boy. You don’t need a gun”(Wright 373). In this particular quote, Wright seems to point out that the desire of the boy is not the gun itself, but the legality of him owning one. Since owning a gun is the fantasy of the boy, because others do not approve of the idea, it seems as if he pushes for it even more. The store clerk offers the boy two dollars for the gun. With this thought in mind, the boy begins his journey towards an unexpected fate. When the boy leaves the store, he heads home with high hopes. If only he could convince his mother to let him purchase the gun with two dollars from the money he had worked for, he could then become a man. When the protagonist
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