The Man Who Mastered Fear By Mark Estrada Analysis

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The Man Who Mastered Fear Mark Estrada He started AA in Detroit, after running from fear for 18 years. He tried to dissolve his fear with alcohol, but found later that he had two problems instead of one fear and alcohol. He came from a good family and was fluent in 3 different languages. He entered the business world with confidence followed by success. There was a lot of traveling in his life and his first year out of college was very busy with dances and diner parties and he was free from abnormal fear. Then came a shattering nervous breakdown and everything suddenly changed. He spent months in bed and a few more around the house. Doctors said there was nothing organically wrong with him. Unfortunately for him there were not any…show more content…
He then moved in with a bunched of bachelors and drank constantly. Alcohol relieved his constant nervous headaches. He was married for 4 years and had a baby boy but his wife could not watch him disintegrate anymore. So she took the baby and left. Over the next few years he drank more and worked less and was eventually homeless and jobless. He moved in with a man whose parents where out of town and this man introduced him to a couple who knew a man named Dr. Bob. The couple drove him to Akron where he was placed in Dr. Bob’s care. In the hospital a clear eyed man explained to him the twelve steps of AA and how prayer brings release. When he was released from the hospital he moved in with Dr. Bob he left the comforts of the hospital and was struck by paralyzing panic. He started praying and asked god to help him with the problem that he could not help himself with. There was an immediate feeling of peace upon him. He was greatly indebted to Dr. Bob for introducing him to the miracle of AA and the twelve steps. Dr. Bob made him feel as if he were family and he wanted to emulate them at the same time he felt a burden to these good

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