The Man Who Loved Flowers Essay

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Summary - The Man Who Loved Flowers The Man Who Loved Flowers is a horror story, written by the author Stephen King in 1977. The story is about a young man who walks down the streets of New York. The weather is beautiful, and the people he meets on his way smiles at him. He then walks by a green handcart filled with colorful flowers. The news on the radio, which is on the handcart, talked among other things about a hammer murderer, who still is on the loose. He walks back at the handcart to buy some flowers for a special girl. He then gets a good price for a half a dozen beautiful tea roses. He buys the roses and walks on down the streets of New York. At Seventy-Third Street, he stops and turns right, at a little darker street. He looks at his watch and thinks Norma should be here soon. Then he sees her, they walk towards each other. “Norma” he says and she smiles but it fades when he gets closer. She did not react to his call, and he gets second thoughts, but he cannot be wrong, it is Norma. He then hands her the flowers, but she hands them back, and says that she is not Norma. However, he insists on her being Norma. From his pocket, he then takes out a hammer. At that moment, he realizes that she is not Norma. Norma has been dead for ten years. However he swings the hammer, and kills
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