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The Man on the Moon Essay

  • Submitted by: shrude
  • on August 29, 2012
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Johan Hugo
Close-Minded In Paradise
On a small little island, found somewhere in the ocean between a few waves, the weather never really changed and neither did the island’s inhabitants.   No one ever entered this island and no one ever left it; it just floated about, never quite sure of where it was heading or what would happen along the way to its uncertain destination.
The island was no wider than a ten-foot long room and no taller than eight-foot tall tree. At least, that’s what the locals who lived in an eight-by-ten igloo thought. The only known inhabitants of this strange island were three oddly round-shaped penguins who had yet to venture out of their home because they simply thought that nothing else existed. It was a chilly, coy igloo with a few brown and battered chairs placed around the perimeter of it. There was a wooden crate marked “This Way Up” (which assumingly was supposed to point towards the ceiling but instead faced downwards) that they used as a table with a tropical flower in a vase placed as a centerpiece. Along the wall hung a few crooked, empty picture frames and three coconuts carved in the shape of animals the penguins had never personally seen before.   How could they have seen such animals before? None of them had ever even thought of setting foot outside of their cozy home. But they still stared at these sculptures of foreign creatures so intently trying to understand what they were that they never paid much attention to anything else.
While the three penguins: Waddles, Pingy and Ed, were lost in thought looking at the coconuts, there was a knock at the door. The penguins jumped slightly at the sound as this was the first time anything had interrupted them before. Waddles looked at Pingy with a puzzled face, Pingy looked at Ed attempting to curl the bottom part of his bill out of anxiety, and Ed just kept staring at the wall because he was deaf.
“Did you hear that?” asked Waddles as he shuffled his feet nervously underneath...

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