The Man in the Well

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“The Man In The Well” Arts such as paintings, movies, poetry and stories because it serves as a window into our humanity or a mirror reflecting elements of our humanity. Stated by Mr.Reese. “The Man In The Well” is a short story written by Sher, Ira. This paper will reveal some connections between the Human Condition and “The Man In The Well”. This paper displays fear, shame and most of all guilt. Humans tend to do a lot of things rational or irrational, we don’t alway have a reason for those things. In “The Man In The Well” the kids didn’t help the man or get help they simply kept the secret between them. There was no legit logic or explanation as to why they didn’t help him, they just didn’t. “ I was nine when I discovered a man in an abandoned farm-lot near my house” (1). That day changed the kids lives forever. Nobody knew about the man in the well except the children. Why didn’t they help him? This is just the beginning of how the human condition unravels throughout the story. This wasn’t just a normal summer, this was a life changing summer. The children continued to return to the wellrepeatidly, still continuing to do nothing to help. Ever since they stumbled upon the man in the well Aaron couldn’t stop thinking about him. The children would bring him stuff to drink and eat but they never once brought him help. After finding the man there is no telling how long the man has been in the well, all we know his he needed help out. The man couldn’t see much from inside the well but he could hear everything around him. The man pleaded for them to go get help for him “ get a ladder, get help” (4 ) but the kids did nothing. Instead of getting help for the man the children lied to him repeatedly answering almost every question that was asked with “ My father said he’s coming with the police and they know what todo (28) and “ My father said don’t worry because

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