The Man In The Machine Essay

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Introduction The social (people) aspect of development of Information Technology (IT) within organizations should not be overlooked. The “Man” in “Man in the Machine” is the user interaction that ensures the “Socio-Technical” System (STS) integration in system implementation. As with many IT implementations to include the case study “Socio-Technical Design of Knowledge Work: A Case Study” the inclusion of people that utilize the system are the key to its success. “Organizations consist of People, and indeed could not exist without them. It is people who do the tasks and people who use the technology.” (Sutton, D. & Sutton, M. 1990) The establishment of the “Tech Change” forum, The “Pilot” office and the “Business” User Group are a few examples in the case study where the direct participation of the end-users in the design process and implementation process was key to a successful implementation of the E-File system. Tech Change Forum The “Tech Change” Forum was established early in the development of the “Proof-of-Concept” (POC) System and used later in the implementation of the E-File system. The “Tech Change” Forum was vital to the development of the Technical System by integrating the system developers with the users. This forum had routine interaction with the users and took a proactive approach, meeting monthly or bi-weekly addressing problems and collaborating on system and organization design. The “Tech Change” forum was key to the rollout of E-File system and linked the user requirements with the design team. This is essential in getting a system that meets user and organizational requirements. The “Tech Change” forum also acted as a way to enhance the original concept for the Client Service Representative role (CSR) (Painter, 2004) and later fostered a change in the organization structure that allow CSRs to rotate between tasks and answering
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