The Man from the South

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*The Man from the South * * The short story ‘Man from the South’ by Roald Dahl is a story about an old man betting with a younger American boy. There are not many characters in this story but all the characters are very well structured in this story. This bet has very risky odds with the man betting a Cadillac and the boy betting his left little finger! The structure techniques and conventions are used well in this story to engage me. The ending of this story also makes you want to hear about The Man from the South’s Wife. This story is full of suspense and has a twist. This twist is unexpected and therefore takes you by surprise. * * The characters in this story there are 5 characters. These 5 characters are: The Narrator, The Man from the South’s Wife, The American Boy, The English girl and Carlos (the Man from the South). The main character is Carlos or The Man from the South. Carlos is a crazy man who bets cars for other people’s fingers. When Carlos bets a Cadillac for the American boys finger the story begins to turn for the worst… * * The twist in this story takes you by surprise and leaves you even more engaged in the story. This story can be frightening to some and humorous to others but this twist would freak anyone out. The betting of the American boys’ little finger for something as material as a car is crazy but when the boy accepts the bet anyway you get worried and a little bit scared for the boy because there is a chance the boys’ finger could get chopped off you get worried. * * In the end Carlos’ Wife runs in and ends the story with a surprising and shocking sentence: “I can see it now, that hand of hers; it had only one finger on it, and a thumb.” This sentence kind of scared me and sickened me but I thought this was a really very good sentence to end the story. I personally thought this also didn't end the story
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