The Man from Snowy River Movie

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The man from Snowy River film opens with Jim Craig and his father Henry discussing their finances. A herd of wild horses called The Mob passes by, and Henry wants to shoot the black stallion leader - but Jim convinces his father to capture and sell them. The next morning the mob reappears and Henry is accidentally killed in a stampede. Before Jim can inherit the station, a group of mountain men tell him that he must first earn the right – and to do so he must go to the lowlands and work. Jim meets an old friend called Spur - a one-legged miner. Jim then gets a job on a station owned by Harrison, Spur's brother, on a recommendation by Harrison's friend Banjo Patterson. Meanwhile Clancy of the Overflow appears at Spur's mine and the two discuss their pasts and futures. Clancy goes to Harrison's station to lead a cattle muster. At dinner, Harrison tells Clancy that "he has no brother" when referring to Spur. Harrison organises a round-up of his cattle, but Jim is not allowed to go. While the others are gone, Harrison’s daughter Jessica asks Jim to help her break in a prize colt. The mob appears again, and Jim unsuccessfully gives chase on the valuable horse. When Harrison returns, he sends Jim to bring back 20 strays. Later Harrison learns of Jim's actions - he tells Jessica that he's fired and that she will be sent to a women's college. Impulsively, she rides off into the mountains where she is caught in a storm. Spur, meanwhile finally strikes a large gold deposit. Jim finds Jessica’s horse and rescues her. She tells him that he’s going to be fired, but he still leaves to return the cattle. Jessica is surprised at meeting Spur, her uncle, who she had never been told about. She is also confused when Spur mistakes her for her dead mother, and refuses to tell her anything about their past. After returning, Jessica learns that Spur and Harrison both fell in love with

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