The Making of Latino Communities Essay

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4. The Making of Latino Communities The main reason that Latinos feel the need to emigrate is because American intervention. The U.S. has contributed a large number of instability in Central America, and South America. Still America has the ideology that they only help other countries. The truth is that biggest groups that come to the U.S. like Mexicans and El Salvadorians are because the U.S. occupied their country. In countries like the Dominican Republic the United States has always been intervening in its politics as well as its business market. The United States helped Trujillo stay in the control of the Dominican Republic. While Trujillo was in power many Dominicans suffered because under the Trujillo regime only those in favor of him were benefited. This at time when Franklin Roosevelt said that he was against dictatorships. The U.S. helped bring into power one of the most tyrannical dictators of the twentieth century. Due to this many people in the present day are still suffering the consequences. The Dominican government does not to help its poor people. Sure the U.S. has helped many countries like industrialize, but most of the benefits are in favor of the United States. For example, the U.S. helped the sugar plantations industrialized and now America pays a considerable reduced amount for sugar. Other countries will pay much higher for the same amount of sugar in D.R.; Dominicans will pay higher costs of sugar. This is why many Dominicans feel the need to migrate in search of a better life. However once they are here, they feel that they don’t belong here because they don’t have papers and fear that they could be deported. They also feel that they don’t belong here because they don’t speak the language or they speak it with an accent. Another reason they don’t feel comfortable here is because of the intolerance they face. Still they don’t feel like a

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