The Making Of Australia Essay

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The first fleet under Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia on the 26th of January 1788 and was the first European settlement and penal colony at Sydney Cove, New South Wales. It is on this day, every year, Australia Day is celebrated. Governor Phillip was instructed to establish the first British colony and was made Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of New South Wales. In 1791, another British colony arrived in Western Australia when George Vancouver claimed the Albany region in the name of King George III. In 1827, Western Australia was established. Major Edmund Lockyer established a small British settlement at Albany known as King Georges Sound. A short time later in 1829 the new Swan River colony was officially proclaimed and Captain James Stirling was its first governor. The colony was proclaimed as a British penal settlement in 1849 and the first convicts arrived in 1850. In 1833, the penal settlement of Port Arthur was established on Van Diemen’s Land which officially became known as Tasmania in 1856. In 1836 a British province of South Australia was established and in 1845 it became a Crown Colony. Although South Australia was never a British colony a number of ex convicts settled there from other colonies. John batman settled on the site of Melbourne and it was then in 1837, the Port Phillip district was officially sanctioned. The first migrant ships arrived at Port Phillip in 1839. It wasn’t until 1851 the Port Phillip district, now known as Victoria, separated from New South Wales. Lieutenant John Oxley established the penal colony at Redcliffe in 1824 and was known as the Morton Bay settlement, now known as Brisbane. Convicts arrived at this settlement in 1824. It was Matthew Flinders who first suggested the name Australia and was supported by governor Macquarie in 1819 – 1821. A meeting was held in 1899 and the premiers of the other
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