The Making of a New World Essay

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The Makings of a New World In September of 2000, 198 countries came together to create and adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration. By accepting this declaration, 170 countries made a commitment to follow its principles and guidelines to reinforce, promote and achieve human rights globally. To make this process simpler and more efficient for all countries, the United Nations commissioned The Millennium Project which lists and describes eight goals with several targets attached to each goal. These goals are known as The Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG’s are a set of goals that represent basic human rights and needs that should be available to every individual to enjoy. While ending extreme poverty and hunger is the most important goal of the Millennium Project, many of the goals listed help the global society eliminate other issues that hinder the ultimate success of our race. Success in these goals would mean achieving freedom from extreme poverty and hunger, universal quality education; gender equality, maternal health, improving global health care, environmental sustainability and a global partnership for development. These goals also have the power to, if achieved, accomplish the common goal of ending poverty. This past year United Nations released The Millennium Development Goals Report of 2010. This report allows the global community to review the requirements to complete this goal as well as the progress the world has made towards completing these goals. So far, all eight goals have progressed towards achievement however the progress isn’t as substantial as United Nations has hoped for. The lack of substantial progress could be due to multiple obstacles veering the project off course and the high standards set by the UN to complete each goal. The UN has set high standards for each goal simply because the farther one pushes the

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