The Magna Cart Limiting A King's Power

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The Magna Carta Jason Turley HIS 276 August 23rd, 2012 Daniel Solarz The Magna Carta The Magna Carta became the first document to try and limit a king’s power and protect the people and give them rights. One question, however, why would a king who was the ruler of his own country agree to the demands of his own subjects whom were supposed to be under is authority. The Magna Carta demonstrated that a king’s power could be limited by a written grant. King John liked to abuse is power; oppress his subjects, which led to angering a majority of his barons with increased taxes and a high demand of soldiers for his dwindling military, thus making him an unpopular king. The barons had numerous complaints about their king. They were fed up with the king's constant military campaigns abroad, constant demand for higher taxes, more money, and men to continue his war efforts. After King John lost is land in northern France, he announced higher taxes without consulting his barons. This greatly angered the barons. Another complaint was that King John angered the Roman Catholic Church, which led to every church service in England being banned and the Pope excommunicating him. With this the people and barons were scared. The Catholic Church taught that the people could only ascend into heave if the Catholic Church believed that the people…show more content…
King John and the barons were together in their interests for their kingdom. It wasn’t until the continued failures of King John that there interests started to change. The barons were fed up with the higher and higher taxes on their people. Their continued loss of their people in failed wars. Fed up by the series of failures of the king finally led to the baron’s revolt and put the king’s power in check. The baron’s banded together and took London
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