"the Lovely Bones" Novel Summary

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“My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973” This novel begins with the big girl in Salmon’s family, Susie, get murdered by their neighborhood, Gorge Harvey. One afternoon, when Susie about to go back home, she came across a big corn field. Over there, she met Mr. Harvey. He invited Susie to take a look at the hiding place he made with woods in the middle of the field. Susie went into the hole and got rape and murdered by him. After that, Susie’s soul went to the heaven. But she can still come back and see what happened around her family and everything on earth. First, her parent doesn’t want to believe the truth of her death. They are very depressed, and her sister is also sad but at the same time she has to deal with all the pressure with surroundings. There’s one day, Susie’s father was helping Mr. Harvey building a tent and he started to suspect about his weird behavior. However, there’s no enough evident. Everyone only cares about Susie’s death but ignore Lindsey’s feeling. After Susie’s death for two month, her parent are started to ignore each other. And Susie’s favorite boy- Ray get to know the mysterious girl named, Ruth Connors. Also, Susie’s little sister are having a relationship with Samuel Heckler. Susie watched everything from her heaven, she wanted to help but she can’t. She misses those times spent with her family, how her mother tell her stories to sleep and how her father put her on his lap and explain the small things to her. She also misses that kiss next to the lock room with Ray; she can’t help but keep thinking about what will happen in their future if she didn’t get murdered. She wants to have a real relationship with him but everything is too late. The only thing she can do is watching him from her heaven and being sad. Jack, Susie’s father, can’t stop suspecting Harvey is

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