The Lovely Bones Belonging Analysis

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Understanding nourishes belonging. A lack of understanding prevents it. An individual’s potential to create and retain a sense of belonging relies upon both the community’s, and their personal capacity for understanding. Millers the Crucible coupled with the study of Seabold’s novel the Lovely bones and the film The Virgin Suicides, explore the detrimental effect a lack of understanding has on an individual’s sense of belonging. Throughout the texts, the characters reveal the significance an understanding of a personas nature has in allowing them to retain a sense of belonging. Lack of comprehension of a shared relationship demonstrates the dislocating power of ignorance to sever ties of belonging. Finally, ones understanding of their own…show more content…
The accumulation of questions “How did she call him” and “When did you compact with the devil” reveal the instability of her belonging to the group as the interrogative pronouns “when” and “how” are assuming without question that she contacted the devil. This demonstrates how a lack of understanding of the truth prevents belonging. Increased understanding of the character of George Harvey, from the lovely bones, would ensure that prejudgements of characters would not prevent belonging. To one lacking understanding, George Harvey is “nothing remarkable” thus is able to shift the blame for Susie’s murder onto another. The boy was “certainly tweaked at an angle” and thus is expected to be violent. This further removes his sense of belonging with the remainder of his community. Similarly, the character of Cecilia from The Virgin Suicides suffers mental issues thus disallowing an understanding of the remaining sister’s characters to be made. “Do we seem as crazy as everyone thinks? … Cecilia was weird but we’re not.” The subject “we” enhances the community’s perception of the sisters as a whole. Through the use of dramatic irony the responder is allowed an insight into the sister’s lives, further portraying who they are, not only how they are perceived .This is reinforced through the use of colours, with Cecilia dressed in dark reds and browns, and the sisters in pale

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