The Lovely Bones

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Jenny Horn English Oral Report The Lovely Bones Summary: The narrator of The Lovely Bones, Susie Salmon, is a normal fourteen year-old girl. She is on her way home from school when she is stopped by a man who wants to show her something in the cornfield. Susie thinks she can trust this man because he is a neighbor who knows her parents. Unfortunately, this man, George Harvey, is a serial killer who rapes and murders Susie. Susie is quickly taken to the in between, where she meets Franny, her guide in the afterlife. The in between can be whatever she wants, and Susie chooses to create her in between in the image of her hometown high school. However, the only thing Susie truly wants is to be back on Earth, growing up with the people she loves. This is the one thing Susie cannot have in the in between, but there is one way Susie can keep up with her family. From the in between, Susie can look down and watch her family as they struggle with their own feelings about her murder. Characters: In this book, there are several main characters who are crucial to the story. Susie Salmon- Susie is the main character and narrator of the novel, the young girl who has been raped and murdered. She tells us everything she sees happen to her family for eight years after her death. George Harvey- This is the man who murdered Susie. The reader sees through Susie’s eyes all the events in his life, including the murders he committed and the childhood that molded him into a murder. Jack Salmon- Susie’s father, who is determined to find Susie’s killer. Abigail Salmon- Susie’s mother, who cannot face Susie’s death and yearns for a different life than the one she was dealt Lindsey Salmon- Susie’s little sister who faces Susie’s death with a silent, but great wall of grief. Buckley Salmon- the little brother of Susie, who begins to see her after her death These are the main
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