The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones is a very interesting story in which Susie Salmon is murdered and then finds herself in a place like Heaven called the In Between, but her Heaven isn’t like many peoples’ modern belief of Heaven. From here she can watch peoples’ lives down on Earth. She can also have anything she desires if she wants it hard enough. From Heaven she watches her family deal with her death. It has many themes and tells a tale worth reading about. It teaches many lessons as well. One of the many themes it tells about is a theme that is as old as civilization itself. It is the theme of good versus evil. It could also be portrayed as God versus Satan in Christianity, Jedis versus the Dark Side in Star Wars, and Zion against The Machines in the Matrix. It also comes up in most every single Stephen King story as well. The theme of good versus evil has a direct coalition with the novel The Lovely Bones. All throughout this story we see good and we see evil. They contrast each other making each more black or more white. In this paragraph Mr. Harvey and just how evil he is will be discussed. On page 26 we see that Mr. Harvey is so evil he has convinced himself he is innocent. “He wore his innocence like a comfortable old coat.” He has gotten away with murdering people so many times it has just become natural to him. Right from the very beginning it is apparent that Mr. Harvey is evil. He is a creepy man when he says this at 1% of the book: “I’ve built something back here. Would you like to see it?” He then goes on to rape and murder Susie. If this man is not evil I don’t know what is. He is also very deranged. He was deranged from a young age. He experienced a trauma when he was a kid. His mom made him help loot dead bodies and then he was also with her when they ran over some guys who were trying to hurt them. This difficult time in his past may have contributed to him

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