The Love Song of J. Prufrock Essay

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Ojan Motadi 2/18/14 Mr. Hopkins T.S. Elliot: The Love Song of J. Prufrock Pg 969 #1-7 1. I think Alfred Prufrock is conscious, due to the fact he stated he is “having restless nights in one-night cheap hotels.” However, at the end of the poem, it seemed like he wasn’t conscious because he said “till human voices wake us.” Throughout the poem, it seemed like he was having different experience with the environment, showing he was conscious of everything. 2. I feel like he is trying to provoke the readers with pity, because he is telling the reader that he is stuck and doesn’t know what to do. Asking for help, and doesn’t know what to do with this part of his life. 3. In the poem, the part where Prufrock states he’s not a fool is in lie 72. “I should have been a pair of ragged claws.” In addition, he also says he isn’t a fool in line 82, “I have seen the moment of my greatest flicker.” 4. I take the poem to be a criticism of a society, because he is showing the fear of aging and morality. Prufrock stated some examples in the end of the poem, “I grow old… I grow old… We have lingered in the chambers of the sea, till the human voices us, and we drown.” 5. When I evaluated the poem, I agree this critical judgment. The reason I agree with this, is because when you translate the poem from on language to another, it slowly loses its meaning throughout the poem. For example, “when I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.” Even though the poet does not express the emotions directly; he evokes them by means of appropriate images and objects. 6. I think this poem interests women more than men. The reason I feel this way is because more women are interested in love letters than men. In addition, Elliot was writing this love letter for Prufrock, meaning majority of women would be more interested in this kind of poetry than men. 7.
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