The Love Song Essay

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Everybody becomes very anxious and insecure about the way they look, the way they dress, and even their age. Women are a great example of this, they do not count age by a whole number instead they count by the amount of years they have spent being the exact same age. This is an example of insecurity. In the poem “ The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot is all about this insecurity. It is all about a man that has a date with a woman but does not want to go with her for he hears that his age will drive her away. For instance he states “ I grow old… I gro old…/ I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled”. This quote illustrates this anxiety , opposition of aging, and hatred feeling that J. Alfred Prufrock has creating the mood, meaning and characteristic of the poem. The emotion of the speaker gives out this type of anxiety from J Alfred Prufrock. As he countlessly states “I grow old” proves how he is worries about again. T.S. Eliot creates the tone of fear and acceptance. As much as J. Alfred Prufrock knows he will become old sooner or later he still wants to be that young kid that he once was. As readers sorrow and compassion appears from this poem as he solemnly describes of how he will have to be as he states “ I shall wear my trousers rolled”. As the fear of growing old frightens him the appearance of it also scares him. With the emotion of fear and anxiety of life creates that J Alfred Prufrock is afraid of becoming of age because as years pass by that is a year closer to death. This view of not wanting to grow old shows of how he can not accept life and what he will soon become. However he does not only accept life but also the process of it. With every year passing by its another year of wrinkles, liver spots, and grey hairs. This is what scared J Alfred Prufrock the most. His reasons of not growing old are all due to his appearance. “I

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