The Love of Learning

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In reading David McCullough’s speech entitled “The Love of Learning” I found so many passages that stood out to me or that I found impressive. I found his talk as a whole to be just simple, but yet informative, and inspiring to any graduation class that is about to embark on life’s many journeys. But the one passage that I found particularly impressive and inspiring was at the very end. In this passage we read: “Go out and get the best jobs you can and go to work with spirit. Don’t get discouraged. And don’t work just for money. Choose work you believe in, work you enjoy. Money enough will follow. Believe me, there’s nothing like turning to every day to do work you love.” I love this particular passage because it brought back memories to my journey of trying to decide my college path that would eventually lead me to my career of choice. I remember struggling to figure out which career I would choose. But one day I remember a friend telling me that I needed to choose a career that I loved; one that I also loved so much that if I had to I wouldn’t mind doing it for free. This led me to many different areas of thought, and as I struggled still to find a career I kept thinking back to what my friend said. Eventually and after many struggles I came upon my choice of career that I felt fit me perfectly in every way. My career of choice was to become a Paralegal. I choose this career for many reasons, and when reading over the passage from Mr. McCullough’s speech I felt that my choice fit his advice perfectly. Reading it really made me affirmative in my choice and even more excited for the day when I graduate college and can go look for a job in that particular field. I also believe his words to be true because the more we enjoy the work that we do the less we will see it as work and more as an enjoyment that we have the opportunity to partake of every
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