The Love Nest Ringgold Wilmer Lardner

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“The Love Nest” Ringgold Wilmer Lardner was an American short story writer, journalist, dramatist, autobiographer, essayist, and poet. He is best known for his satirical takes on the sports-world, marriage, and the theatre. Lardner is considered one of the most accomplished humorists and satirists in American literature. One of his famous stories is “The Love Nest”. The action is taking place in the house of the main character Lou Gregg, president of Modern Pictures, Inc. Moreover, I think it is America. “But no amount of money is too much to spend on home…Every nickel I’ve spent here is like so much insurance”, — said Mr.Gregg talking g about his house. A nickel - is a five-cent in American usage. I guess the time span is the begging of the 20th century. The author wrote the story in 1926 and I think he described the period of time he lived in. According to the plot of the story — it is realistic and probable. Lou Gregg, the wealthy president of Modern Pictures invited a reporter, Bartlett, to spend some time at his house so that he could "see them just as they were." Gregg introduced him to all of his possessions, including his wife. After the host had left the house, his wife began to drink with the visitor, become drunk and told him all the truth about her life. The theme — the foibles ['fɔɪblz] of married life in (suburban) America. The main characters are Lou Gregg "the great man," president of Modern Pictures, his wife Celia Sayles Gregg: a former film star who has given up her career for her husband, and Mr. Bartlett: a reporter for Mankind magazine. Lou Gregg: "the great man," president of Modern Pictures; constantly said "I mean" and rephrased what he had said without improvement; he enjoyed showing off his possessions and telling others about the perfect life he led; he seemed to be

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