The Lottery Summary

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The Lottery Summary
The Lottery is a story which depicts a small town enacting its annual mandatory lottery. The historical stage is ambiguous but we are informed that the lottery predates anyone’s memory and occurs in towns and cities throughout the known world (although rumors say that some towns have stopped having it). The story is told in the third person and we are taken from a mood of happy celebration to the horrifying realization in the last sentence of what the lottery prize is.
The Lottery happens in June every year in this small village of about 300 people. It’s a tradition that’s been held annually for well over 80 years. Mr. Summers, who oversees several civic activities in the community, is in charge of the Lottery. At around ten o’clock in the morning on the special day, all able townspeople gather at the center of the town. A small old black wooden box, shabby after many years of use, is used to pass out slips of paper out to the townsfolk. The box contains a specific number, corresponding to the number of households, of folded pieces of paper. One piece of paper, the “winner” contains a loge, black dot. After some commotion Mr. Summers declares the lottery ‘opened’ and a drawing is held in which one household is selected. In turn, each of the members of that household draw papers to find a “winner”. Then the “lucky” person, in this case, Tessie Hutchinson, is surrounded by the men, women and children of the town and stoned to

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