The Lottery Rose Analysis

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By: Joanna Frangiudakis The book Lottery Rose introduces you to the world of child abuse and alcoholism. THe story maybe fiction, but the situations are completley real. To have a couple drinks on special occasions is one thing, but to have 5 or 7 drinks a night is another. Alcoholism is a disease that negatively affects the pesron and its sorroundings. Alcohol is one of the leading killers in America because of the affects it has. The liver is the main organ that is affected by this toxic. It's can also be very addicting if you don't know how much you can take. What makes this drink addictive is the chemicals put inside of it. If you are an adult, you lose your motivation for taking care of yourself, or if you have childeren you can't cook for them becasue you are usually to busy drinking or you are not sober enough. Thats the situation is some cases, but not all. In the book Lottery Rose, Georgie's mother neglects him due to her alcholicsm.…show more content…
Most of the time when a person had alcohol poising people don't know what to do because they are more then likley drunk themselves. You don't need alcohol at college parties to have a good time, entertain yourself or have a good conversation with another person you lighten your mood. Alcohol isn't the answer if you want to be happy, or if you need to free your mind as some students may think. It actually will increase your stress because you may have to hide it, and you more then likley will get
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