The Lottery Movie Vs Short Story

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The Lottery Many people say you adapt to your surroundings and are affected by those around you. As well as that there are strength in numbers. Short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson was a very good example of these statements with a detailed description of a towns belief in the relief of Evil in the town. The movie (containing some of the same contents as the short story) embraced the statements as well. In the movie Jason was forced to fight against an entire towns beliefs in attempt to grant his fathers one last wish before he died. The short story provided an example as to the fact that peoples surroundings affect who they are and what they do."Nothing but trouble in that," Old Man Warner said stoutly. "Pack…show more content…
One very noticeable difference is the main idea of each. In the short story, it is very straightforward and tends to get to the point very quickly, without giving much information about anything except the preparation for the lottery. The movie, however, starts with Jason receiving a call saying his father is dying, and his father's last wish was for his ashes to be put on Jason's mothers' grave. The only problem was that he did not know where his mother died, or how. Which creates the entire plot of the movie, Jason figuring out how his mother died and the controversy over him placing his father's ashes on his mothers grave. The short story also did not go into detail about any characters. It was the type of short story where there were no main characters, but the main character were the entire town as a whole, because they all believed the same things about the lottery and continuing tradition. The movie went into great detail of many characters, and made each of their traits obvious. It was more developed and had more of a story to it. The two versions of the lottery both express the fact that you are a product of your environment and that you are heavily effected by your surroundings contributing to your overall being as a person. I believe The Lottery is a terrible idea as it not only kills innocent people but the fact that it doesn't even get rid of evil as they are convinced it does as when Jason arrived everyone in the town was trying to kill him and force him to leave as soon as he got there by blowing up his car and making it impossible to stay there even if he was being respectful to the town and

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