The Lottery And Catching Fire Essay

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Catching Fire and The Lottery Have you ever read a story that was similar and different in many ways? Well, the stories “The Lottery” and “Catching Fire” are just that. These two novels were surprisingly alike in many ways, but they also had their differences. “The Lottery” is a short novel by Shirley Jackson that shows conformity to the next level. Everyone in town would gather in the square every year for a ritual held by Mr. Summers. In this ritual, a family’s name is chosen from a wooden box; that family’s head male would come up and choose slips with the family member’s names on it. Whoever had a black dot on their slip would be stoned to death by the people of the town. “Catching Fire” is a novel by Suzanne Collins that was a big hit in America. In this…show more content…
In “The Lottery”, the setting is a summer day, June 27th, with a nice clear and sunny sky. It had the warmth of a full-summer day, the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. The setting of “The Lottery” showed situational irony because when a person thinks of a nice clear sky, it is usually visualized as a nice society with many positive things happening. In reality though, the society was full of killing. On the other hand, “Catching Fire’s” setting was placed in the winter time with a dark and gloomy society. Usually, when a person thinks about cold and winter, the setting is thought of as full of death because of the dull surroundings. In the novel, the setting is described when Katniss states, “I push aside the curtains and see the snowstorm has strengthened to a full-out blizzard. There’s nothing but whiteness and the howling wind that sounds remarkably like the mutations” (Collins 121). As it is clearly seen above, the setting in “The Lottery” uses situational irony, whereas in “Catching Fire”, the setting is very

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