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jovan garcia EN-1310 November 4, 2014 Reading Response The Girls William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”, and Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill” are short stories about two women told around the same time period. The two ladies Miss Brill and Emily have many similarities, as most women would around that time. Both ladies can’t seem to let be living in the past and cannot let go. Both authors describe the characters as not being able to escape reality. Although they do have similarities they do have their differences. Miss Brill unlike Emily enjoys the society during her trips to the park. At the end of the story Miss Brill begins to accept society and the life she is living while Miss Emily dies the person she always was. How could these once beautiful wealthy girls end up so cruel, or lonely? One can only wonder what caused such a development in these character’s pas Miss Emily who was once thought of as a young beautiful bachelorette, now past her prime she still cannot seem to find that special someone who can care for as her father once did. She has shunned all of society since the passing of her father. It is believed that Emily has isolated herself for many years when a tax collector summons her to the door. William Faulkner states, “We are the authorities, Miss Emily. Didn’t you get a notice from the sheriff, signed by him...I have no taxes in Jefferson. Colonel Sartoris explained it to me.”(221) The tax collector is dumbfounded by this because Colonel Satoris has been dead for almost a decade. As Emily Grierson isolates herself from her community at her home alone, Miss Brill differs as she enjoys going to the park every weekend, Sunday to be exact, to enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery. ‘There were a number of people this afternoon…the band played all year round on Sundays”(Mansfield 241).She always looked forward to the conversation as

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