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Tom Collins Professor Duncan 9 June 2014 The Lottery The short story called, “The Lottery” was written by Shirley Jackson. The title of the story is an attention getter, because of the word lottery. This shows that the story is supposed to be full of hope and gives sense of someone winning a prize. It is startling in the end because of the winning of the lottery will be. The words that Shirley Jackson uses that describes how ordinary a rural town is in America. This seems everything to be perfect, but shows how grim the life really is. At first the story seems unclear and it might make the reader to revisit some of the events to give the reader a better understanding of the plot in the story. When we consider that the lottery is a normal community event like dances or the teen club, the Halloween program. These are rituals that are part of the town traditions that seem unbreakable. One of the first signs of horror is when the boys named Bobby Martin and Harry Jones and Dickie Delacroix some of the other boys picked up rocks and piled them in a corner of the town square. The town pronounced the one boy’s name Delacroix as, "Dellacroy," which means martyrdom. The word martyrdom is a usually defined as the suffering of death by torture or affliction that is accepted as a way to die, in which your family will get special attention from the town. Other signs of horror start to sink in; for example when the boy named Davy Hutchenson, whose hands are barely big enough to open the slip of paper. What would of happen if he would of drawn the piece a paper with the mark on it. Do we know that if it was accepted for the boy to be stoned? No, even though it is acceptable for the children to cast the stones. Even though we start to get hints of what is going to happen in the story, Shirley never lets out the finale outcome will be. We all know that unlucky “winner” of the

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