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Human evil in The Lottery In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson a couple of themes come to mind when thinking about the story. The Lottery has caused a great deal of controversy since its publication. The author, Shirley Jackson manages to use irony to show hypocrisy and human evil that underlie human beings. The lottery is held in a small town, where all the townspeople are close. The lottery is a major traditional event that is held every year in the town square. The lottery is when one member of the town is chosen to be stoned by all the friends and family members of the town as an offering to have a fruitful crop growing that season. Shirley Jackson manages to portray a steady tone throughout her short story. This tone indicates a type of friendly atmosphere in the village welcoming the lottery as a festive event like if they were celebrating a party, or a square dance. In the lottery Shirley Jackson mentions at the beginning when the people are gathering in the town square how the women are greeting each other and gossiping. This can serve to show how the women in this town feel towards the lottery. It shows their lack of worry and care for the fact that in the end of this event someone will be dead. The way this short story is written makes us believe that the winner will receive a prize or something good. It is not until the end that the readers realize that the winner will be stoned to death. This story is held in a very normal town with people who have very normal names like Anderson, and Jackson. This seems to suggest that underneath every normal and ordinary human in this town is really a hypocrite person with a hidden human evil lurking inside them. Once the people start gathering for the lottery in the towns square everyone starts to greet each other like if something festive was about to happen. The townspeople act with such ordinary sentiments

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