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MP0;Emily Cullen Writing 102 Explication Essay November 10, 2009 Ritualistic ceremony and tradition The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson is about a village full of people who blindly follow tradition to the point of murder by lottery. They kill one person for the sake of tradition. Some traditions are stupid, and this tradition is really scary. Rituals and tradition can lead to blind following and pointless murder. The story studies everyone in the town, as is everything is normal, but is it really? On page 350 One child started gathering smooth, round stones and collecting them in his pockets and then other boys started following his lead. They even stacked them in a pile in a corner of the square and guarded it against raids of the other boys. This shows the anticipation on the childrens behalf that they were planning for the day's event. One child was all that was needed to set the example and other boys followed the other child's lead. The story says that people were telling jokes and were trying not to laugh but they were smiling. The women called their children, but they came reluctantly, because they had to call them three or four times on page 350. So this gives the reader either at least a couple of perceptions of why that the children did not want to come. Maybe because they didn't want to see, and participate in what was about to happen. Maybe they didn't want to follow the tradition. Maybe they were afraid it might be their parent to get killed. On page 350 story tells us this lottery was just a regular once a year occurrence and therefore tradition. “The lottery was conducted- as were the square dances, the teenage club, the Halloween program-” (350) states that this lottery was a normal community participation and this was just another civic activity. The author somehow starts to show some of the villagers hesitance to

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