The Lost City of Atlantis Essay

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the Lost City of Atlantis Lost City of Atlantis Atlantis does it really existed? Is it really out there? If it is will we ever find it? These are all frequently asked questions when it comes to the lost continent of Atlantis. Many scientists have many theories on where Atlantis could be. Some ideas that are raised, are; Atlantis is in the South China see. Atlantis is in the Bahamas, and Atlantis is in the Atlantic Ocean. These are just a few ideas on where Atlantis could be, There are many other theories on Atlantis’s location. Many scientists believe that the lost city of Atlantis is in the South China See. They believe Atlantis was once here but was destroyed by one of two theories. One theory scientists have is that Atlantis was destroyed by an asteroid crashing into the earth. The other theory is Atlantis was built on or by a volcano. When this volcano erupted it buried Atlantis in think molten lava. This is an interesting theory but I don’t believe there is enough evidence to prove this theory. Another idea on where Atlantis could be is somewhere in the islands of Bimmini Bahamas. Scientists believe that Atlantis was built on a volcano and when it erupted it buried Atlantis in the Bahamas. If this is the case, it raises another interesting subject. If Atlantis were in the Bahamas, that would make Atlantis inside the Bermuda triangle. This brings up other ideas such as; maybe Atlantis disappeared like other things that have gone through the triangle. There are a few things of evidence that may prove Atlantis was once here. From in the air you can see roads under the water that lead to a spot that is covered in old volcanic ash. Scrapings from the ash tell us that the volcano erupted the same time Atlantis was supposed to have existed. They have also found many artifacts in this area. I think the most famous theory of where and how Atlantis was

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