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One Boy’s Journey to Survive There have been many thoughts and opinions about Dave Pelzer’s book, The Lost Boy. I personally think that The Lost Boy is an exceptional book. The book was intriguing and also written extremely well. This has got to be the best book or one of the best books ever written in the perspective of the abused. I think that this book is the best book on the matter of child abuse and foster children. This is an excellent book. The Lost Boy is a sequel to the book A Child Called It. In A Child Called It, David Pelzer is beaten and abused by his alcoholic mother. In The Lost Boy David is rescued. He finally gets away from his alcoholic mother and is sent to various foster homes, although he was never able to stay at any one of them for any great length of time. He had challenging experiences while in foster homes some for the good and some that got him in trouble. In some cases he had to leave because of his emotional instability. Other times, he had to be moved because his mother found him and he needed to be protected from her. Since his mother had always said he caused too many problems, David had a hard time staying at any foster home for very long. It is important to determine if a book has meaning or inspires rather than just writing for money and fame. One of the reasons that this is a good book is that it is a true story. Another reason that this book is good is because of the perseverance and determination Pelzer displays. One of the other reasons that this book is excellent is that it ties up all of the loose ends to David’s life. The fact that The Lost Boy is a true story written by David Pelzer, the boy that was abused in the story, brings deeper meaning to the story. The book is nonfiction and nothing had to be made up to be put in it to make it better. It is easier to take in, grasp, and understand a book that is nonfiction

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