The Lost Battalion Review

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“The Lost Battalion” Review: The main issues Major Whittlesey had to face in commanding the 308th were to lead his troops into the German lines at the Argonne forest and to keep advancing following the command given to him, also because he was promised supplies and back up, which gave him a little bit of hope at least but which he never ended up getting. Being an inexperienced army commander from New York, who managed the situation with insecurity and naïve war strategies, he was aware that this battle could result not only in the death of most of his men but also of his own. Major Whittlesey found himself in a very risky situation without any alternatives but to keep fighting: the 308th was surrounded by the Germans, in an unknown location, with only very few supplies left and thousands of his soldiers dying helpless. He also had to face problems of communication with the headquarters, because the telephone lines were so easily cut that he had to rely on pigeons and runners, which then led to miscommunication and the general did not even know his position. That’s why the supplies never reached the 308th and many of his men had to die without medical and food supplies. However him and his army were able withstand such pressure and hold the stand suffering from waves of soldiers, heavy artillery fire, grenades and other explosions and even flamethrowers. This makes me wonder where the soldiers from the 308th found their motivation to go on, when many others would have already given up and tried to escape or suicide; Patriotism and the love for their country must have been the key. For this reason I think that this action-packed movie portrayed American society in WW1 and in general very well: determined and proud soldiers who never give up the fight for their country and for their rights. In comparison to “All Quiet on the Western Front” “Lost Battalion” contained
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