The Lost Battalian Essay

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The Lost Battalion Some people might say that the movie “The Lost Battalion” was a good movie, I think it was a amazing movie. The Movie was amazing because of all that was in it. The reasons that it was such an amazing movie was because of how it helped us better understand what those guys that fought went through and what it was like, another reason is that the characters and the scenes is another reason why “The Lost Battalion” was such a amazing movie. The writers of this book did a good job of almost like bringing back to life the caracters that actually fought in the war. One of the characters that I think they did a good job of was the pigeon that helped deliver messages back and forth when the radio guy got killed in action. They did a good job because it showed how that they weren’t always connected to there home base that’s why friendly fire happened, This bird was so tough and the writers of this movie could have left it out but they didn’t leave the part out where Germany’s soldiers try shooting down the bird but they only hit his wing and them being so far away from base the pigeon still pulled through and completed his mission. Today that pigeon is on display at the Smithsonian and has a medal of honor for all he did. There are a lot of other men that I could talk about but I am just going to do Yoder, This dude was one of the top shots that the American side had and he went through some rough times before he got K.I.A. he was a real guy in World War I and I think that all the stuff that the writers portrayed him to be was true and that’s really awesome. Now I am going to tell you about some of the senses that really made this movie realistic and almost bring back the time when America was fighting in World War I. One of the sence that was a personal favorite of mine was the one where they used one of the men to run out and make so that the

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