The Loss of the Creature Essay

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Walker Percy in “The Loss of the Creature” is arguing that people should discover things themselves rather than having an expert on the topic hold your hand through the learning process. As Percy states in paragraph four “It is assumed that since the Grand Canyon has the fixed interest value P, tours can be organized for any number of people. A man in Boston decides to spend his vacation at the Grand Canyon. He visits his travel bureau, looks at the folder, and signs up for a two-week tour. He and his family take the tour, see the Grand Canyon, and return to Boston. May we say that this man has seen the Grand Canyon? Possibly he has. But it is more likely that what he has done is the one sure way not to see the canyon.” He is saying that the man from Boston isn’t getting the full experience of the Grand Canyon. This is due to the tour guide feeding him facts about the canyon, which results in the man from Boston having the same view on the canyon as tour guide. The Man from Boston can get a better view on the canyon if he chooses to discover it himself. I agree with Percy to a certain point. Although, If someone is trying to discover talent in a physical activity it would require coaching. The coach is there to motivate you and show the correct fundamentals of the activity in order to achieve your goal. It is close to impossible to be successful in baseball without a coach helping you. For example, I had trouble sliding into bases in my third year of baseball, once I approached my coach the problem, he was able to teach me the right way and now I succeed in stealing bases. I agree with Percy’s argument on the importance of being the discoverer. If one were to go out and discover something new, that thing they discovered would be special to them. For example, a woman goes out to get her nails done, on the way to the salon she notices a new, never before seen, strip
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