The Loss Of Innocence

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The loss of Innocence Rape is the same as committing murder. It’s taking the life and innocence of a human being. Isn’t that the shallowest and most horrific act anyone could ever do? However there are many out there, and still being released from prisons. There are several types of rapes: date rape, gang rape, and spouse rape, rape of children, statutory rape, prison rape, and the list goes on. So what causes the perpetrator to rape? How does this affect the victim? The cause of rape is usually never sexual; it’s all about power, and to see someone in a position where they are helpless. Most men that feel insecure about themselves cannot approach a woman openly. This leads them to take them by force, and turn into demented monsters. They…show more content…
Therefore, they’re more likely to consider victims responsible for their rape because of the fact of intoxication. This can lead them to be less knowledgeable about the assault, and impact that was caused on the victim. Some perpetrators tend to be impulsive and have antisocial tendencies. The effects of sexual assault can cause you to have “racing thoughts”. You may find yourself unable to concentrate because you can’t stop thinking about the assault, or something that happened during the incident. Flashbacks are most common in victims. These are vivid memories, and may also “feel real”. Parts of your body may experience actual responses to the assault even though it is over. These can be very scary and make you feel like you are re-living the assault. Trauma is a major part for the victim. Some don’t go to the police out of fear or shame. Rape has psychological effect toward the victim. They have to talk about it otherwise this is a wound that festers and it will lead to depression. Sometimes the victim feels they provoked it and tends to feel guilt and lose trust in men. Rape may also affect the victim by them not being able to have a happy sexual relationship and partnership. In some cases victims commit suicide because they are unable to deal with the trauma. They should seek counseling in a self-help group of molested or raped victim’s. Counseling is the best type of help where they help the victim find closure. Group sessions help because they can hear stories from other surviving victims that can help them cope with their situation and be aware that their not
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