The Lord of the Flys Essay

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Grade: _____/50 Directions: Write a multi-paragraph review in which you report your findings about the novel you read throughout this course. Begin typing your essay below: I read the book titled “the lord of the flies”. It was very entertaining and was a thrill ride in my mind. From cover to cover this book kept me guessing and there was never an end point to the unexpected happenings. The three key components of the story were; the setting, the symbols and, the characters. The setting was very important to the story because it gave the unknown aspect of the actions. Without this setting the story would not have been as suspenseful as it was. There were trees everywhere on the island and there were high rocks to build a fort with. If there were no places for this then the story would have been predictable and not as mind blowing as it was. The symbols were just as important to the story as the setting. Each and every little thing made a difference some more than others. The symbols of power were the pig head on a stick and the conch shell that was fond on the beach. The glasses that Piggy wore were used as a sign for reason and logic and they were also a source of fire to show hope and rescue. There were no adults on the island aside from one dead parachuter and that showed that adults were not there and nor would they be there. Due to them not having adults on the island the boys would need to take charge. Each individual character played a different role and they all played their part 100 percent. Ralph was the leader of the younger boys and jack was in charge of the older ones (well after the hunting was done and no homes were made that’s how it was divided). Samneric were twins, they are two different people but never leave the other so they got the name that they have. Piggy was the source of logic out of all the boys up until he died then there

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