The Lorax Film Analysis

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better its not” This famous quote by Dr. Seuss said in the movie “The Lorax” perfectly sums up the whole movie. The Lorax takes place in Thneedville with a young boy Ted who wants nothing more than to find a real tree to impress his crush. With helpful information from his grandma he visits a man named Once-ler, who once betrayed the Lorax, in the journey to find a real tree. This is when the Once-ler tells Ted the story of betraying the Lorax in the process of his invention called a “thneed” by cutting down all of his truffala trees. After the thneed fad disappeared because there were no more trees to cut down, the Once-ler distanced himself from the society because of the guilt he held. Throughout the movie schools of thought in Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology were displayed in many ways. Anthropology, which is the study of the humankind from the perspective of the past, present and future was displayed through functionalism. Functionalism is the major proposals that have been offered as solutions to the mind and body problem. This related to the Lorax because the citizens of Thneedville are like a big happy family, they rely on each other to function. They are all always happy; it might even make it seem too perfect for it too be real. An example of functionalism is Mr. O’Hare. Mr. O’Hare owns a company called O’Hair Inc which sells bottled air to the community of Thneedville because of the lack of Oxygen when Once-ler cut down all the truffala trees. He is furious when he finds out that Ted wants to grow real trees because no one will need to buy his bottled air anymore. Functionalism was also displayed when Once-ler invented and sells thneeds by using the truffala trees. When he originally made one, it was off to a slow start and he ending up giving up. Then one day all of the

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