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The Look Cohen argues that going for the look is necessary when hiring so the store will get more customers to come in; however, would hiring for the look really sell something? If the people that worked there had a horrible attitude or were not able to do the job, wouldn’t you just leave? When Cohen states “A guy just wants to go hangout in a store where he can see good-looking gals” (Greenhouse 46) , he makes guys sound shallow and girls seem like they are only for looks. I disagree with cohen when he says hiring for the look is “necessary and smart” because it isn’t fair to the people who do have experience and are capable for the job, but don’t have “the look”. Hiring for the look isn’t right because some of the most prettiest people may have the ugliest attitudes and that wouldn’t be good customer service if they had an attitude at work. Hiring for experience rather than looks is better because you wouldn’t risk discrimination and you would have a good work environment. I’ve noticed at stores like Hollister hire for the “all-American” look. My friend got hired there and she’s very pretty, she said they really didn’t interview her, just told her she had to wear their clothing and very little makeup. Some companies think that hiring for the look will get them more sales, but what looks great on someone with “the look” might not on someone who doesn’t have “the look”. I think stores should have different types of people working because then people can see what looks good on them and relate, instead of just one type of “look”. Elysa Yanowitz said she had “felt intense pressure to hir attractive women, even if they were incompetent,”(Greenhouse 48) and says company officials wanted to force her out after she ignored an order to fire a woman not “hot” enough. The company would rather have someone pretty but not able to do the job over someone who did the job

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