The Long Term Effects Of Corporal Punishment On Ch

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The Negative Effects of Corporal Punishment on Children Have you ever heard someone say, “ I was spanked as a child, and nothing ever happened to me?” Parents often assume that their children will experience the same reaction to corporal punishment as they did, but there are many essential things that need to be taken into consideration before establishing a disciplinary technique for an individual child. The personality, mental and emotional state, and the genetic make-up of the child need to be acknowledged. Some children are more prone to acquiring life-long consequences due to corporal punishment than others. Corporal punishment will not make your child an angel if that’s what you were thinking; in fact, it can do just the opposite. Corporal punishment is a negative disciplinary technique to correct bad behavior and decisions those of children. The use of physical punishment can dramatically change the mind set a child has about the world. Such negative discipline can lead to a myriad of potential problems for the individual child and parent alike. Corporal punishment may result in increased aggressiveness in children as they get older. When children are exposed to corporal punishment, they are more likely to solve problems in a physical manner (Caldwell). Parents are like models on a pedestal to children. Children look up to their parents to distinguish between moral and immoral behavior. When parents portray that the only way to solve problems is by doing it physically, the child will think that’s the only way to settle issues. It teaches that violence is acceptable (Leong). When a mother and/or father use bodily punishment on their children with the intention of getting them to listen, the child then believes it’s okay to hit to get what they want. Giving someone a big SMACK just because they don’t do what you want is ridiculous. Parents should

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