The London Olympic Games Were a Waste of Money. Discuss Essay

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The London Olympic Games were a waste of money. The Olympic Games is a global occasion in which more than 200 countries and thousands of athletes participate and compete in a variety of competitions, each hoping to win a medal and enter the history books. Some people think that the Olympic Games is just a waste of money, providing that the money could be more useful elsewhere, such as in the health department. However, I disagree with such a view and believe that the Olympics Games is worth the money. Even though billions of dollars are spent by the country hosting this event, that money benefits the economy of the country and often doubles or triples in return. It boosts the market by creating many job opportunities and improving the infrastructure of the country. For example, London Olympic Games spent about 11.3 billion pounds and more than 130,000 were employed due to this event. According to a report by Lloyds Banking Group, “the economic impact of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games concludes that London 2012 will give the UK economy a £16.5 billion boost by 2017, with the construction and tourism benefitting the most.” Furthermore, the Olympic villages, which had been built to accommodate the athletes, can later be sold – providing another source of income for the country. Subsequently, improving the transportation system, sports facilities and construction all benefit the country and its infrastructure. Therefore, it can be seen that Olympic Games is a way of spreading a message of peace, unity, love, camaraderie, and cooperation between nations. It helps show the beautiful side of our world away from war and hatred. So, it is not a waste of money, but a good use of

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