The Lives Of Jesus And Mohammed Historically. Essay

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Many people only know Jesus and Muhammad as figure heads for the Christian and Muslim religion, but they were real people. The lives of these men have influenced people for well over a thousand years. These religions are still practiced to this day, and although Jesus and Mohammad lived completely different lives, both have had a very strong impact on history and humanity. Jesus only lived for about 30 years, but he left a long history behind. He was born in Bethlehem, Israel around 6BC. He spent his infancy in Egypt, and he spent his youth in Nazareth, Israel. (Timeline during life of Jesus) He spent most of his life as a carpenter, but started teaching when he was in his thirties. Jesus taught for three years and "attracted a following of thousands" (Timeline during life of Jesus). He lived a traditional Jewish life and taught people to love one another and God. Jesus did many controversial things; the most outrageous thing he did was claim to be God. This was said to be blasphemous, and he was "killed at the request of Jewish religious leaders" (Timeline during the life of Jesus). The Roman Governor, Pilate, was convinced by Jewish religious leaders to execute Jesus. He "was brutally tortured and then hung by his hands, which were nailed to a horizontal wooden beam (cross)." (Brief summary of Jesus' life, p.2) Three days after he died on the cross Jesus was said to have risen from the dead. "According to more than 500 witnesses" Jesus traveled throughout Israel for 40 days after he rose from the dead (Brief summary of Jesus' life, p.2). Jesus then returned to Jerusalem where he proceeded to ascend into heaven; he was said to have "left the earth alive by rising up into the sky" (Brief Summary of Jesus' life, p.2). Muhammad is another very important person whose history has left a mark on time. Muhammad was born in 570AD in "the town of Mecca" (The life of

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