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The Little Prince The life of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, was as interesting as any of his books. Antoine de Saint-Exupery's name became famous throughout the world because of the love people felt for his best-known book, The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince in French), but the fascinating details of his life helped create his legend. Saint-Exupery was born in Lyon, France in 1900. After studying architecture, he entered the military where he began training as a pilot, a role that became a great inspiration in his life and books—but flying also led to his tragic death.    Although trained as a pilot, Saint-Exupery decided to get an office job to satisfy his fiancee's family. But Saint-Exupery was destined to fly. When the relationship ended, he entered the air force and the writer-to-be was finally making a living among the clouds. As he worked as a pilot, he began to publish books and stories. His early stories mostly revolved around the lives of aviators and were well received. Then, in 1935, Saint-Exupery and his navigator crashed in the Sahara desert. Surrounded by nothing but sand, the men had only a little food and wine to keep them alive. They became so thirsty that they were hallucinating, and their dehydrated bodies stopped producing sweat. Finally, a Saharan nomad took them to safety. This desert crash actually became the inspiration for The Little Prince.    The next disaster Saint-Exupery flew into did not end as happily. In 1944, during World War II, he left on a mission and never returned. Although the military records of his death are unclear, the writer of the little prince who traveled the universe died in combat in World War

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