The Little Emperors

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Notes on Readings Chapter 1 31-62 Section: ____________________________ Page #: ____________________ Notes on Readings "Plight of the Little Emperors" by Taylor Clark There was a boy whose mom would come to class everyday so that she could monitor how he was doing with his studies. Parents would go to extremes to give their child the edge over everybody else. One test in China will decide what type of life you will have. If you do good on the test you can go to good schools and have a relatively easy life, if you do poorly on the teat then you will have to work hard for the rest of your life. All of the pressure on the young students has led to frustration, depression and unemployment because they are unwilling to take jobs that they feel…show more content…
Chinese parents in recent years have given up many thing so that it doesn't interfere with their child's "gao kao" preparation. The Chinese culture has always emphasized on success. Since the policy of only being able to have on kid the Chinese have worried that this will produce kids that are self centered brats that can't take the criticism, and don't understand sharing. Yu Zeng remembers when he first had a suicide at his school in 2005, by the next year three more of his classmates had committed suicide. Suicide had become China's fifth most common cause of death. The number of Chinese students graduating from college has tripled in the last 5 years form 1.5 million to 4.1 million. That means with so many people graduating that means there are 2 million graduates with costly diplomas and no job. At a to Beijing kindergarten, th students must know pi to 100 digits by the age of 3. Many of the young kids in China use the Internet as an escape from reality. There are 2 million Internet addicts in China, the problem is so sever that they have volunteer groups standing outside the cafe to prevent kids from going inside. With China's kids

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