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Alexsaya Wallace Professor Martens ENG103 Nonfiction reading for Paper 2 In Beauty: When the other dancer is the self by Alice Walker it a story referring to herself when she was younger about her life growing up. This story is based off of a perspective meaning it is from the persons own personal experiences in their life. In this story it talks a lot about her perception of beauty. Walker uses various stylistic elements throughout her writing to show her different outlook towards her own beauty. She also includes many rhetorical strategies in order to deliver a clear story so she can describe her life as a flashback.Walker uses the accident that happens during her childhood to prove that one’s mindset can be altered because of a profound experience and how her attitude completely transforms from a conceited and arrogant child into a newly reborn woman who sees a new kind of beauty within her life. She uses different points of her life to develop this very idea in separate comprehensible stages. She begins the story with a very smug outlook on life where she knows she’s beautiful. “I’m the prettiest!”(442), a young walker decrees as she abuses her beauty for her father’s approval. This attitude is further encouraged by the society of which she is a product. She is always used to hearing praise from people such as “Oh, isn’t she the cutest thing!”(442). Walker herself even views her younger form with disdain because of this snobbish attitude, because she writes in a tone that shows her as such an unpleasantly shallow child through her perspective as an adult. I find it interesting how in both this story and Everyday use there is a common look among beauty because in Everyday Use you have the prettier sister who gets her way and becomes very successful, and in this story she is referring herself as the beautiful

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