The Little Black Dress Short Story

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The Little Black Dress is a short story written by Clifford Thurlow. The story revolves around Vicky, a 23 year old fitness instructor, married to Fergus, who has degrees in all sorts of things and whose goal is to save the world. In the early days of their relationship, Vicky admired Fergus a lot and felt protected when she was with him, as we see on page 45, line 41: “Vicky would nuzzle against his neck, feel protected, as if his beard were an umbrella on a rainy day, a parasol in the sun, his shoulder a shelter in the storm”. But now their marriage is going downhill. She finds Fergus annoying and their relationship too predictable, which shows on page 45, line 20: “She spends a long time sitting on the loo. It would be nice to find fault…show more content…
Her shoes are doing the walking for her”, page 51, line 21. At the bar she meets a boy, whom she takes to a fun fair, which she’s not sure why she knows. At the park he wins a yellow gonk for her and kisses her on the lips. He leads her away from the crowds still kissing her, but when they reach a locked gate, she for some reason knows that she has to get away, and she turns her back to him and runs. She later learns that the funfair closed down years earlier and that a model had been strangled there in 1968, but in her jacket she finds the yellow gonk. Apparently she had to go back in time to change her life and be Victoria again. The next day she notices the shop where she bought the little black dress has closed and the mannequin is lying dead on the floor. Throughout the story, Victoria keeps thinking of her sister, Rachel, who is a lesbian living in Barcelona, which Fergus doesn’t approve of, but whose life Victoria clearly

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