The Link Between Self Identity and Self Esteem Essay

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\The Link between Self Identity and Self Esteem SP3450 ITT Technical Institute January 15, 2015 1) I was able to find an abundance of information in the Virtual Library concerning my topic. Mostly editorials and research papers, peered reviewed papers as well. Also checked Google Scholar and was able to find an abundance of material there as well. 2) As far as my time line goes it’s set out in our sibyls so by Unit 8 I should have a copy of the finial rough draft then the finial paper delivered two weeks later for Unit 10. We also provide rough drafts between unit 8 and 10 as to get feed back on the paper so it written properly and I am able to release all of the findings for this paper. 3) I would like to find different perspectives on the subject, and plan to do that using the ITT Virtual Library, Google Scholar. Between these sources there is thousands of articles about the subject. All sources that will be used will be peer reviewed. 4) I think how we see ourselves greatly affects our self-esteem. If we can see our self-more positive it will directly have an influence on our self-esteem. I think things such as Meditation can have a huge effect on self-esteem. One great article I found on this was “Changes in Self-Concept, Ego Defense Mechanisms, and Religiosity following seven-day Vipassana Meditation Retreats” by: Tipawadee Emavardhana and Christopher D. Tori - To enhance psychological adjustment, Vipassana meditation assists individuals to perceive the transitory nature of the self. Because the consequences of this potentially troubling insight are not well understood, changes in self-concept and ego defense mechanisms of two cohorts (N1=222, N2=216) of young (M = 18.03 years) Thai participants who attended separate seven-day Vipassana meditation retreats and a nontreated control group (N = 281) were compared.
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