The Limitations of Spending Stimulus Essay

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Issues in Naturally Native 1. Traditions – Sundance ceremonies and praying with the sage were part of the traditions 2. Relationships/ sex roles – Vickie and her husband Steve are very devoted to one another, the younger sister Tanya is desiring to find love 3. Diversity – The lady Celeste is trying to use the Indian sisters to expand her own business 4. Stereotyping – Mr. Douglas uses this on the young ladies at the meeting, The man Tanya went on date with, calling her Pokahonis 5. Personal problems – Dealing with family issues starting from parents 6. Sibling rivalries – sisters arguing over a man 7. Traditional versus Conventional remedies – Burning of the sage praying, medicine circle 8. Racism – Institutional racism was used, Mr. Douglas telling the ladies that Indians all run gambling rooms that take people money causing them to go in debt. 9. Education- Auntie Karen graduated from business school, young girl Courtney is doing well in school. 10. Dating/Marriage – Vickie and Steve have a great connecting marriage, Karen is still a virgin, Tanya seeking internet dating made a bad choice. 11. Transitions – going from living with alcoholic parent’s to a whole different lifestyle. 12. Poverty – The Indians went from being on public assistance to owning gaming rooms all over the world. 13. Parenting skills- Vickie and Steve are very good parents, they have a really tight bond with their children. 14. Commercialization – Celeste is false advertising, trying to sale traditional remedies she knows not a thing about. 15. Beliefs – The young women’s belief that, they are Indian not Hispanic. 16. Employment issues – Karen’s looking for a job, discussing moving out of town. 17. Mascots- Picture on the boy’s jersey supposedly representing an Indian. 18. Adoption- the women were adopted at a very

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