The Lightning Thief; Grover Underwood

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Mahad Kakooza Heath Shushila English 121 9th June 2014 The Lightning Thief; Grover Underwood. In Rick Riordan’s “The Lightning Thief,” Grover Underwood is a twenty eight year old six grader at Yancy Academy who seems to be held back several grades because of his acne and wispy beard. He is a satyr, a friend, scrawny among other characteristics and his contribution to the story as a helper to the protagonist, Percy Jackson to whom he happens to be his best friend and protector. Although crippled, scrawny, lame, calm, hypocrite, Grover is a dynamic, strong and important character in Rick Riordan’s “The Lightning Thief.” Grover is brought to us by Riordan in chapter one page three as Percy Jackson exhibits his friend’s appearance. “Grover was an easy target.” “He was a scrawny, cried when frustrated,” (Riordan pg3) says Percy as he continues to describe his best friend. “He has a wispy beard, he is crippled and has a kind of muscular disease.” Rick uses Grover to develop the story through the knowledge on the ancient gods; Grover uses this knowledge aspect to explain to Percy on numerous occasions. It’s important to analyze Grover in the story because of the themes he and the way he’s developed in the story. Grover Underwood stays at Camp Half Blood. The card Grover give to Percy when they are taking their bus to New York shows where Grover resides. The place he is taken after they fight the mantour in chapter three .This shows that Grover in his holidays goes back to camp half blood and it’s where he resides. Grover looks older than he looks as said by Percy. He is older than other six graders at Yancy Academy. Percy says, “He must have been held back several grades…” (Riordan pg3).This shows he looks older than them. Percy continues to say about his face full of acne and wispy beard. This proves the fact that Grover indeed is older than not

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